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junsmun asked:

( Hi, have a random sadish starter ) Jun in his new form stood silent behind Jack, Jun had missed his friend so much but didn't want to scare him at the same time. Jun moved a bit closer, his eyes started so swell up a bit as he whispered "H-hey" Jun tried to keep his voice sweet but ended up sounding just as evil and sinister as ever





(( aw it’s ok :) ))

Rainbow Jack jumped and looked behind him “Uuuhh hi there?” he didn’t recognize him at all “Who might you be, friend?” and smiled a little

"I don’t mind at all, and yeah I remember that. You seemed to have a great time here." he smiled at him as he walked a little through the circus with his friend

He put his hand on his chest feeling weak “I’m glad I got to be your friend” He took a deep breath a pain starting to grow in his chest which made breathing difficult “T-Thank you” He smiled back his horns disappearing back into his skull

"Here, sit down. You don’t look so good." they stopped at a bench and rested. He put his hands on Juns back and hand. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

His eyes widened as he gasped a bit “M-my body is h-healing..”Jun said with shock on his face. His skin started changing back to its normal purple color as he thought to himself ‘what’s happening?! I don’t have my pearl!! How am I changing back?!’

he was just as confused as he was “I don’t know. Is this a good thing or bad?  I mean I’m glad you’re getting better and going back to normal but what’s making it happen?” he looked at him in confusion

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